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‘Act Accordingly’ is a reflection on our ability to act consciously, consistently, in any way we choose. Not overly careful and not overly careless, it takes a bit of the absurdity and a bit of the mundane from everyday life and reconstitutes it in a lighthearted mix.

Featuring work by:
Hin Chua
Nancy Aguilar
Nick Paliughi
Melissa Manfull
Margaret Durrow
Amanda Friedman
Javier Pinon
Ozant Kamaci
A Bill Miller
Zhang Xiao
Justin Richel
Christopher Shipman
Matthew Vrabel
Andrew Borgstrom

Design by Jonathan Cassidy

Released February 27th 2011, 54 pages
110# cover (300 gsm), matte laminated
100# text (150 gsm), uncoated
Perfect bound, 9” x 11”, Embossed front cover
500 hand number copies

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