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For our third issue, we wanted to take a closer look at ideas, the way we develop ideas, the theories we use to understand our surroundings, and how artists manipulate or direct our perception to generate new ways of understanding. ‘This is a Theory’ takes a careful look at our relationship to our surroundings, both natural and manmade, dissecting familiar environments and asking us to reconsider them.

Featuring work by:
Raphael Halin
Anna Paola Guerra
Jelle Martens
Amira Fritz
Theo Firmo
Masako Miki
Alexander Harding
Greg Eason
Matthias Heiderich
Jonathan Zawada
Noel and Gary Sloboda
Travis Cebula
Emily Jern-Miller

Released May 27th 2011, 54 pages
110# cover (300 gsm), gloss laminated
100# text (150 gsm), matte
Perfect bound, 9” x 11”, Embossed front cover
500 hand number copies

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