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Fine Line is now twice the length as previous issues and features three sections, ‘The Gallery’ (art, quotes and selected text as seen in previous issues), ‘The Installation’ (art generated for the magazine addressing the printed, bound page), and ‘The Stories’ (interviews and biographies with the artists).

For this issue, we are excited to be working with 826 Valencia, a non-profit youth writing center is San Francisco co-founded by author Dave Eggars. Selections of children’s writing will accompany the artwork, speaking to the theme of expectations in a unique way.

Featuring work by:
Reiner Riedler
Frauke Thielking

Mary Iverson

Emily Grundon

Carlo Van de Roer

Samantha Casolari

Stephanie Jung

Marco Suarez

Released March 31st, 2012, 86 pages
110# cover (300 gsm), matte
100# text (150 gsm), matte
Perfect bound, 9” x 11”, Embossed front cover

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